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Design my wall

description:I want some waist height cupboards and stone around my fireplace ...
schedule:within 2 months
close date: Wednesday October 21st, 2015
current bids:2

stair tread cutting

description:This is a very small project that will take a professional ...
close date: Monday October 19th, 2015
current bids:0
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Cottage Septic System

description:Already have one quote for a Waterloo Biofilter system. 2 x ...
schedule:to be scheduled
close date: Monday October 19th, 2015
current bids:0


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Percise General Contracting

 0 reviews
primary contact:Blayne Farquharson


interior designers | Birmingham
 0 reviews
primary contact:kan chan

Clear Drafting Engineering, Architectual Drafting and Design

architects | Ottawa
 0 reviews
primary contact:Bassam (Sam) Elsaraj


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Carl's Waste - ottawawaste.com
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- review by Mario P.

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Everyone will rely on this service for renovations in the future."

- review by Louis J.