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Age Appropriate Home Improvements

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Nov 26, 2017

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As it ages, a home requires ongoing maintenance, repairs, and updated décor to keep with the times. Neglecting your home's needs will cause it to deteriorate and make it difficult to sell. Consult a contractor or home service expert in regards to home improvements that are necessary over the years. These experts are in tune with the expected lifespan of a home's structural elements, mechanical systems, building materials, etc.

You'll also want to consult an expert when renovating a home with a historic designation (as opposed to just being old), as there are specific guidelines related to maintaining the original structure. For example, the exterior paint may need to match a list of historic colours. We have many such experts on

When it comes to updating the design of your home, you can either choose to gut each room and start fresh or apply some simple improvements to modernize the existing space. Call on interior designers and home stagers for suggestions.

Few design aspects of '60s- and '70s-era homes carried forward to modern day: Their bright colours and geometric architecture tired quickly. This goes, too, for the dark green carpets, the floral wallpapers and fabric, and the laminate flooring and counters that were popular in the '80s. Other than perhaps some retro-inspired furniture and accessories in a bedroom or office, you might find better enjoyment of your home by making a few upgrades.

Here are some examples of age-appropriate home improvements:

  • Replace the electrical panel, and increase the amps of service to at least 100. Historic or vintage homes that have never been renovated have an inadequate electrical supply for modern appliances and average everyday usage.
  • Replace galvanized plumbing. This is commonly found in older homes and needs be replaced after 50 years. Watch out for brown water caused by rusting pipes.
  • Give the floors a quick refinishing job. The perk of pre-'60s homes is the quality wood or tile flooring that is often hidden under existing carpet. Refinishing the floors will bring them back to new.
  • Modernize the architecture: Upgrade its effect from 2D to 3D by replacing single-paned windows and sliding doors and by installing architectural features such as wide moulding and shutters.en and w
  • Cover a cement slab entranceway or patio with patio stones.
  • Add dormers to a flat roof for increased height. 
  • Save money by improving existing kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Consider sanding, staining, or painting solid wood cabinets.
  • Replace dated hardware and stainless steel or nickel knobs and hinges.
  • Replace retro light fixtures with classy overhang lighting and chandeliers for an instant update.
  • Replace blue, olive, and pink bathtubs with standard white or a standalone shower.
  • Strip wallpaper, repaint, and replace laminate flooring and counters with the stronger materials of tile and granite. Floral wallpaper and prints and dark green carpets were popular in the '80s.

Newly-built homes will obviously require fewer improvements, and the current trend of neutral colours and simple design are easier to change than the elaborate colours and designs of previous eras. It may be time to install a new HVAC and start making eco-friendly (and money-saving) improvements of all kinds. Check out to connect with local contracting and design companies that have extensive experience and familiarity with renovating older homes.