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Bedroom Design For Your Kids…Bring Out The Child In You!

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Apr 28, 2016


Kids bedrooms are a great way to express your creative side and bring out the child in you….and the bonus is, you can draw on inspiration from your little ones. A great starting point is to use your child’s favorite colours and interests as a foundation for the design.  The beautiful thing about designing a child’s room is there are no boundaries to your creativity ---and pink and blue do not have to be your only go-to colour palette!

Consider the space. Answer the following: Is the space roomy or tight?  Do you have to use the space efficiently? Is it a shared bedroom? And what is the age of the child/children?

It is common for us to decorate our children’s bedrooms quickly by painting it in our child’s favorite colours and filling it with themed décor e.g. Sports memorabilia or wall decals of ballet dancers or soccer balls. Big box stores offer a number of charming wall decals which are a quick and easy decorating solution.  BUT! there is so much more that can be done to expressed your child’s personality on a budget. We can get super creative and think outside of the box when it comes to infusing fun and personality into their personal space.  

Another thing to remember is paint is just paint, and it is the best way to get creative. Another thing to keep in mind is that, it is possible to design and decorate in a way that will stand the test of time as our children grow.  Infusing some elements that are suitable for all ages – such as furnishings that they won’t grow out of in a year or so. This is an important and a smart financial decision.

Budget permitting, loft beds, piled storage units and desks be custom made.  Modular and movable furniture is also a cool, space savvy, and custom way to create a longer lasting comfortable space for your children. Check out these fantastic and inspiring kids rooms!

This gorgeous room for the baby and toddler years is light, airy and free from clutter. 


Small space?  No problem!  Bunk beds and savvy storage can help!

For a young girl's bedroom, this simple design with bright colours delivers a bit of fun to the room.

 Blue tones are always soothing in the bedroom and can give the room personality.


In the teen years, the perfect teen retreat can be fun and funky.

If this has inspired you to create a haven for your kids, why not visit to post your renovation project and find the contractor who will make your dream room a reality!?!?!