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Breathing Life Into Old To Create New Or Better!

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016

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Most of us don’t have the resources to fully “gut” all aspects of an old space when doing a renovation. However, contrary to popular belief, “out with the old and in with the new” doesn’t always translate to the most pleasing result.    There are a number of parts of an old home we can keep and “revive” to give us the outcome we want – or even better! Oh! … That Old Faux Wood Paneling Takes Me Back! We are all very familiar with faux wood panelled walls from our childhood basements, living rooms and cottages.  We saw it usually paired with burnt orange furniture,  avocado green shag carpeting and macrame plant holders – or some variation of the three.  Back in the day, faux wood paneling was a quick and cost effective way to finish walls and warm up a room. Today however, this look has evolved and is less desirable (to put it lightly) than it used to be. It seems that wood paneling is often the first element to be removed in a home that needs renovation.  But wait! Not so fast!  Painted paneling can be a perfect and cost effective way to renew your walls and the result can be even more satisfying than tearing it out and starting from scratch. Painted paneling is easy, inexpensive and the end result not only has texture but it creates character and interest. Here are some inspiring examples of paneled room transformations:

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Working With Dated Brick The same goes for brick! Yes, the trend in interior brick used to be dark in colour, textured, and less uniform.  Today, when considering brick, we are moving toward more uniform colours, tighter patterns (smaller brick) and lighter colours. This goes for stone as well.  Many stone fireplaces used to be built with large "Flintstone-style" stones and these are expensive to remove and replace.   But the good news is, painting the stone can update the look of your fireplace and the focal point of your room. Check out examples of how great painted brick can look.   Save money  and create interest!





Cabinet Facelifts

The great thing about kitchen renovation trends is that painted cupboards are trending now more than ever. This is good news for homeowners that wish to update their wood cabinets and renovators that are looking to save money. Painting our cabinets is a perfect way to upgrade affordably.  The other element that makes a huge difference when refreshing our decor… are handles.  Handles are like cabinet jewelry .   Painting and changing handles are an impactful way to change the style and get the look you want.   Luckily, handle options now are mind-blowing. If you can dream it, you can find it.  I like to venture to Lee Valley Tools when I need a really wide variety of options.  Ikea also has an impressive trend-wise collection.



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Tweak Old Bathrooms and Find Hi-Style

What I have found over the last decade is that many retro 50, 60s 70s bathrooms can be salvaged and can transformed into a hi-style spaces. Some of the most gorgeous and impressive revival bathrooms are those that have kept the original charm. Especially the tiling from the 50’s, it’s all back and can be kept and updated with paint and accessories. Check these bathrooms out!


        New Prairie Construction


I find there is so much more satisfaction in the end result when we re-use something.  

It’s good for the soul, our pocketbooks and our landfills!