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Bunkies & Pre Fab Cabins

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016



The modern cottage is fully equipped with comfortable furnishings, electricity and quaint décor. It is not uncommon to find a cottage that is pricier than the average family home. Undoubtedly, cottages are great for extended weekend stays and hosting family and friends... however, many of us opt for a less lavish weekend retreat.

Building a large cottage is time consuming, costly and will require ongoing maintenance. Acquired family cottages are often far away and require extensive improvements, thus become more of a burden than a relaxing retreat. Bunkies and pre-fab cabins are budget friendly, low-maintenance and offer a level of protection from extreme weather that tents do not. They allow you to enjoy cottage country while planning and saving for your dream cottage, and they serve as great guesthouses for cottage owners in need of more space.



The basic features of bunkies are windows, flooring, sometimes heating and enough space for a bed and side-table. A bunkie as small as 12 X 8 feet costing $3,000 will fit a queen size bed. Building a guest-cottage bunkie that you are comfortable having your family and friends stay in involves: selecting a flat piece of land this a fair distance away from the main cottage, running underground electrical to the unit for lighting and heating year round, weather and bug-proofing with the right building materials, adding windows for ventilation, installing wood flooring and decorating as you please. For fun, guest-cottage bunkies are often made to mimic the appearance of the main cottage, AKA “mini-cottages."


Pre-Fab Cabins

Pre-fab cabins offer more square footage and livable space than bunkies, with extras like front porches and second levels. They are sold in the form of a “cabin kit.” Deciding whether to have your cabin shipped pre-constructed or in assembly pieces really depends on how far you live from the supplier and how handy you are. 




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