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Closet Bliss: Why We Love A Special Spot For Everything

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Mar 28, 2016

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I know I’m not the only one that remembers the “Sex in the City” episode where Big surprised Carrie with a walk-in closet to die for. Drawers, compartments, shelves from floor to ceiling... all mirrored and lit from the inside -- a walk-in fit for a queen. 

There is something terrifically appealing about having our personal belongings organized and quickly and easily accessible. Perhaps our minds feel organized when our belongings are? It certainly cuts down on search time when looking for something.

Closets have come a long way and so have the options to customize. You don’t have to spend a fortune anymore, as closet components and modules are widely available and can be stacked and trimmed up to give you a built-in look. If you are a DIY-er, you can use stackable modules to fill an awkward space. Perhaps a narrow hallway, under the stairs, or in rooms with angled ceilings. 


If space allows, dressing rooms can be a luxury space for any homeowner. A dressing room can make organization a breeze; Incorporate a full length mirror, laundry basket, ironing board, display jewelry, shoes, belts and purses and keep your bedroom free of clutter. With everything in its place, getting dressed becomes a relaxing an enjoyable part of your day. 


Bells and Whistles

The options for smart closet are virtually unlimited.  Interior drawer compartments and dividers are designed to organize ties, jewelry, belts, bras and underwear. Floor-to-ceiling units can incorporate shoe displays, swing out pant hangers, fold down ironing boards, and stacked hanging rods. If your budget permits, add interior lighting and even glass doors for further accessibility and wow factor.

When planning a closet, think about how you can use your space most effectively, and look into the fun organizers and compartments available. Consider carrying out a theme from room to room or even giving the dressing room it's own theme!




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