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Design & Build An Outdoor Living Space

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016


A deck or patio that maintains a certain level of comfort and functionality is considered an  "outdoor living space" - or separate room of the home. A basic deck usually has some seating and a bbq, but imagine an outdoor kitchen and fireplace with comfortable seating. Such a place is a desirable by those that like to spend a lot of time relaxing and entertaining outside, especially if they want to do so year round. Proper design and various additions will increase the functionality of your outdoor space. Outdoor living spaces can be built on a budget or taken to extremes. As you can see below the patios get increasingly more high-end, but all allow for relaxation and entertaining. 



I consider this first patio fairly basic, because though it is a quality build and exterior extension to the home, the added living features are comfortable seating are the basic kitchen areas with a wood roof.



This next image has some high-end interlock but no covered roof over the grill.  Some homeowners prefer not to have obstructions over the kitchen to avoid ventilation issues.


This outdoor kitchen has a stone fireplace at its centre for chilly evenings.

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