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Easy Peasy Cottage Updates That Won’t Break The Bank…Or Your Back!

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Jul 13, 2016

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Over time, cottages need a fix up here and there …or everywhere, but a complete overhaul at the cottage is not always an option. Here are a few upgrades that are quick, cheap and impactful.


Clean up the floors

Paint can solve most décor issues and renew a space for the least amount of money.

Pull up any old carpeting and paint the plywood or floor boards underneath. I find high gloss paint is the most durable and attractive. A couple of coats of fresh paint will help minimize any musty smells due to moisture and will be easier to keep clean. You can throw down area carpets in seating areas for warmth.

For even further impact and playfulness, paint stripes to make a space look larger. 


Revitalize Old Cabinetry

Cabinets take a beating at the cottage. Instead of replacing old or even painting old cabinet doors, consider taking them off and going with open shelving. Again, throw a coat of paint on the cabinet boxes – even paint the back wall of them a different colour – and you'll have a whole new look. 

Another alternative for cottage kitchens is removing upper cabinets altogether and putting up shelves. This is such a classic cottage look and can add a lot of fun to the room.


Nothing Says “Cottage” Like Panelling

Many cottages already have panelling on walls and ceilings, however, stained knotty pine or dark faux wood panelling often make a space look dated and dark. To unify and brighten up your cottage, paint any existing panelling, or clad boring drywall with painted horizontal or vertical panel boards. The look is transformative – on both walls and ceilings.


Over to you - Have you implemented any cottage upgrades lately? What did you choose?


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