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Emerging Kitchen Trends

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016


50 Shades of Gray

Over the past year, gray has been the" go-to color" and it is still a designer favorite for kitchens this year. As they say, “gray is the new white” or today’s hottest neutral. The nice thing about gray is that it has such a wide range of tones and shades and it looks beautiful whether it's applied in a modern or traditional setting.


Source: Style at Home Magazine Spring

Top Brass

Bright white kitchens are still the number one choice for homeowners, but the new spin for 2015 is brass which is featured heavily in everything from taps, sinks, range hoods, hardware, light fixtures and even bar stools. “I think brass is a nice change from chrome, nickel  and stainless. It adds a new sparkle and looks great with white or gray.  For more warmth, oiled bronze, or unpolished brass are both a rich and beautiful addition.  More and more we are seeing modern styling in oiled bronze fixtures which were typically traditional".  says Stacey Palangio from Palangio Design.



The Backsplash Has It

We are seeing the backsplash taking center stage in 2015.  The choices are numerous depending on your budget.  For example a backsplash can add interest whether it be a patterned tile or a large continuous wall featuring marble, glass, wallpaper or stainless steel.             


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Smart Appliances

Rapid advancements in technology don’t stop at the kitchen.  Smart appliances are everywhere in 2015, from smart ovens, to built-in iPads, to small appliances that can be controlled by your iPhone.  One example is the Top Brewer by Scanomat that is a tap that brews coffee, froths milk, provides hot water, cold milk, or chilled drinking water.  And all this is controlled by your iPhone!  What will they think of next! ?

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