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Fix Your Foundation The Right Way

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016

If you notice cracks on your home's exterior, or puddles in the basement, you could be in need of a foundation repair. Spring is the best time to inspect for damage, as melting snow creates moisture in the soil and flooding around the home. Ottawa's Mr. Foundation says that if you discover dampness or pools of water in your basement, you likely have cracked foundation around the windows. Test this theory by running a mild stream of water from a hose next to the window for 20 minutes, then check your basement for any new puddles. In addition to "Soil Moisture", "Settling Soil" is a main cause of foundation damage and the fault of the home-builder. Before attempting to repair cracked foundation by yourself, consult an expert as you may end up worsening the problem. Not to mention the importance of foundation as the main supporting structure of a home. One example of a poor home-jobs is painting over the cracks as a cheap, quick fix for appearance sake. The paint ends up "bubbling", lookings worse than before, and increases your repair costs. Instead, have an expert effectively seal the cracks by applying a thin coat of plaster or mortar - "Parging", or injecting Urethane or Epoxy into the cracks. For damages bad enough to shift the entire home, experts will try "mudjacking" and "piering". Mudjacking involves pumping a concrete mix called "grout" beneath your foundation to raise it up to its original height. This works for homes where foundation problems are the result of settling soil that has caused the foundation to shift and settle. Piering is required for more dramatic foundation damages. In this case, steel piers are drilled down to bedrock or a suitable soil layer, and then attached to your foundation to raise it up to its original height. Foundation repairs can be expensive, but should not be ignored. When purchasing a home keep the following points in mind to prevent foundation damage and associated costs down the road: perform a full home-inspection and if there is existing damage to the foundation have it professionally repaired, buy a relatively new home as the foundation of older homes was not built deep enough to offer proper support, and choose a home with concrete over wood foundation because wood retains moisture. [gallery]