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Green Renovations That Meet Your Style & Budget

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016


These days, there is more to consider than 'design' and 'price' when it comes to renovating; it is important to think about your homes environmental impact and explore the green building materials that are available to you.  

For example, choose renewable materials such as bamboo for flooring and energy saving appliances when re-modeling your kitchen.  A common misconception is that green homes are expensive and for those that enjoy living a minimalist life-style, when in fact there are many inexpensive ways to make a home more environment-friendly while maintaining personal style.

One way to save on your energy-efficient home improvements is to apply for grants though home renovation programs. Improved heating,cooling and plumbing systems using EnergyStar Qualified Materials are typically eligible. Examples include replacing high-energy consuming furnaces, boilers, and toilets and installing new windows and insulation.