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Making Room For Play With Indoor Swings

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Apr 26, 2017

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Add an element of fun to your home décor with indoor swings. This playful addition is a great way to keep kids smiling on rainy days or to reawaken your inner child. With a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, swings can fit into almost any space. 

Relax and unwind in this adult-sized swing set:

Roomy adult-sized swing set

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The natural, unfinished wood of this bench swing lends to the organic feeling of the space:

Simple wooden swing

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Swings aren't just for kids anymore! This modern swing adds some fun to the room:

Contemporary indoor swing

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A More “Adult” Alternative

If you are looking to get the kinetic energy of a swing but with a more refined aesthetic, suspending furniture might be for you. Suspended furniture has been around for centuries, and can serve as an unexpected twist to your home’s décor: 

Elegant, rustic indoor swing  

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Teak daybeds can be found inside the Chettinad mansion of South India. Suspended furniture has been used in India for years, acting as an ideal spot for a "chat sit." 

Teak daybeds

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For the Kids

Amp up your child's playroom with a tire swing!

Tire swing fit for kids

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Making It Happen

While the idea of having a swing indoors might seem like a lofty idea, it’s much more attainable than you’d expect. Regarding height requirements, almost all child-sized swings and suspended furniture can fit into a standard 8' ceiling.

Safe Installation 

As for structural support, the joists and beams in most ceilings are strong enough to bear the furniture’s weight. For safety, it is important to ensure the swing or suspended piece is connected to the ceiling with strong rope, cable, or chain and at least two screws with eye hooks. 

Before installing your swing, check in with a contractor, architect or engineer to be sure that you’ll be swinging safely! To find a qualified specialist or contractor to bring a bit of fun into your home, sign up for a free account at and post your job at no cost. This site works to connect homeowners with skilled professionals that will help make your dream home a reality. 


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