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Making Your Home Work For You At All Ages

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016


Our exploding senior population is at the highest rate ever in Canada - age 65 and over has reached nearly 5 million. The fastest-growing age group is 60-64 year-olds, at 29 per cent.   Baby boomers are now entering their senior years and over the next few decades it is expected that 22.8% of our entire population will be 65 and older.In recent years, we are seeing a greater number of elderly people opting to stay in their own homes as long as they can.   Nothing is more empowering than independence, and with some home modifications, aging in place can be a viable choice.

Physical mobility and accessibility are barriers to senior independence and there is a need like never before to make practical renovations so that seniors can chose to stay in their homes.  Whether building new or retrofitting an existing home, there are universal building code changes that can be made to accommodate new functional requirements.  For example, renovations can include reinforced walls in the shower so a handrail can be installed when needed; wider doors for wheelchairs; lower countertops and doors that slide or swing out. Thankfully there are design experts who specialize in this area and provide consultation services.  These specialists can work with homeowners, renovators and builders to incorporate structural modifications now.

When renovating or building, plan ahead and take universal standards into account.  Such as:

  • Surfaces should have round not sharp edges
  • Hallways should be 1.5 meters wide minimum
  • Showerhead should be fitted on to a sliding bar for height adjustment
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures should be levers and not knobs
  • Incorporate a wall-fixed shower seat.
  • Doors should swing more than 90 degrees
  • Keep flat thresholds between rooms

Call on the experts to help you plan your renovations and maximize the functionality of your space. Are you looking at doing renovations so you can retro-fit your home for the future?  Visit and post your project now!