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Master Bedrooms – What Is Your Version Of Comfort?

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Mar 16, 2016

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With the fast-paced lives we lead, a bedroom retreat is the perfect place to decompress and regenerateIt'sts also a personal space. One where we can surround ourselves with our treasures and things we love. We all have different versions of what type of space feels most comfortable.  Here are a few different styles of bedroom trends for 2016. Which one appeals most to you?

Spa-like Serenity

A white, bright and minimal space exudes peace and relaxation. Some of us find this environment calming and most conducive to sleep and relaxation.

Surrounded by Memories

Another style that provides comfort is a space that holds collected treasures and memories and items gathered over the years. Many of us would feel most comforted in a space that is personalized, where we are surrounded by collections we have curated.

Feeling Luxurious

Soft materials and textures in our decor are sometimes the best way to feel warm and cozy.  By using luxurious fabrics in both bedding and upholstery, a bedroom can feel like a comfy, heavenly getaway. 


Staying On Trend

Some of us enjoy keeping up with trends in design and will decorate our personal space with the latest colours and styles. Creating a space that is funky, trendy and current can also provide a pleasing retreat.  Adding a bit of personal flair to an “in” style is always a perfect way to satisfy those who like to keep “on trend”.

One With Nature

Natural light and the out-of-doors is, for some of us, the best way to relax and feel at peace. Big windows with lots of light and natural elements such as wood and plants can create a feeling of serenity.

If you are thinking of making your master bedroom your personal retreat – one that reflects your version of comfort, put your project on and find the best contractor for the job.