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New Trends In Wood Flooring

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016

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The look of reclaimed and weathered wood flooring has been a trend in design for the last number of years and now, thanks to innovation, this look can be achieved using vinyl, engineered hardwood and even tile! Over the years vinyl has had a bad rap in the design world. Chosen most commonly for its durability and affordability, vinyl was reserved for high traffic work areas as it doesn’t easily dent, scratch, stain or fade. Today, in addition to its appealing functionality, vinyl plank flooring is taking center stage as technology has redefined it with improved printing and embossing techniques that look and feel more authentic than ever. More and more we are seeing high-end vinyl plank flooring styles making their way into decorative living spaces. Additionally as impressive are the advancements made in the manufacturing of engineered hardwood. This type of hardwood has been a go-to for many homeowners and builders as it comes prefinished - thus avoiding any chemical fumes or sanding dust throughout the home on install. But what is most appealing is the range of styles and colors on the market today.

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Engineered hardwood is created by bonding layers of hardwood ("plies") together in a cross-grain construction. This type of hardwood withstands more humidity, and can be installed over concrete subfloors. They can be stapled, glued, or floated which provides flexible options for installers. Plus, factory-applied finishes usually have a longer warranty as they are longer lasting and more durable than site-applied finishes. The one downside of engineered hardwood flooring is that it can only be refinished a limited number of times. This is because engineered hardwood has top layers of veneer and is not solid wood. However, prefinished engineered floors are quite durable, given that the finish is applied in the factory. Tile has also evolved and has become a contender even for those looking for wood floors. The “reclaimed barn wood look” is hot this year in tile and the color options, species and size are endless. There is now no reason to opt out of incorporating wood flooring into your bathroom – or any room in your home!

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