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On The Up And Up: Ceiling Design Ideas

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016

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When it comes to interior renovations, ceilings are often overlooked. They are typically left as white, flat surfaces that simply fade into the background.

When seen as a blank canvas, ceilings can truly enhance the overall atmosphere of a space. Depending on their colour, texture and detailing, ceilings can make a space feel much larger or smaller. Here are a few tips on how your ceiling’s colour and style can transform your home’s look and feel.  

Choosing the Right Shade

Colour plays a key role in determining how the space feels. Lighter coloured ceilings are often used because they reflect light and brighten up a room. It is commonly thought that using rich tones for ceilings can weigh down a space, but in many cases these dark colours actually add depth and interest. When done in warm hues, darker ceilings can give a room an intimate and cosy feeling. If you are looking to bring colour onto your ceilings but struggling to choose the right shade, let your walls guide you. One option is to select a shade from the same paint chip as your walls. Alternately you can use part of the wall colour to tint white ceiling paint. Mix the paint in small increments until you arrive at the colour that best suits the room. Even adding a light tint can bring a hint of richness and warmth.

"This shimmery neutral is a nice compliment to the blue on the walls. The coloured ceiling brings a sense of intimacy to this dining space.


"The chocolate black used on this ceiling adds depth to the space. "Ceilings - the 5th wall"

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Defy the bounds of your walls

Make a room feel more spacious by carrying the ceiling colour down a few inches onto your walls. Invert this technique to add height to your space by bringing the wall colour onto the ceiling.

This design flips typical colour choices by using white walls to highlight the blue ceiling. Extending the ceiling colour onto the walls and adding moulding makes the room feel larger. Opting for cool colours brings a sense of tranquillity and calmness to a space.

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This plum ceiling brings richness and depth to the space. The white border carries the wall colour onto the ceiling, adding height to the room.



Wallpaper is Seeking new Frontiers

If you’re looking to add more texture to a room, wallpaper might be your answer. Applying a pattern to your ceiling is an expected way to create a more interesting and personalized room. When making your selection, choose a style that plays off of your wall colour. How geometric or organic the  pattern is should also work well with the tone of the room.

Liven up your space with this fresh wallpaper look. The neural wallpaper adds just enough pattern to add life to the room.

Make it Last

When buying ceiling paint, be sure to invest in a paint that is strong enough to resist peeling, blistering and one that will hide any stains.  

Thinking about revamping your ceilings?

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