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Porch Perfect

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Aug 31, 2016

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For centuries, porches have been an important part of the family home. Not only does it connect your interior to your exterior, but it is also a place to dine, connect with neighbours, or simply sit and watch the world go by. Porches can be small and simple, in the front or back of your home, or large four-season wraparound spaces. A well-designed and appointed porch can transform the overall appearance of your home, adding curb appeal and personality.

If you are considering a porch project, here are a few things to ask yourself:


How do I want to use the porch?

Will your porch be a place to welcome guests or will you have a few chairs for entertaining from time to time? If you do plan to entertain, will you have a small table with 4 chairs or do you plan to host a family gathering of 10-12 people?  Take these intentions into account and when you calculate the length and width of your porch; don’t forget to include room for circulating around the table and chairs when they are occupied.


When do you want to use your porch?

Depending on your region and climate, you may want to include details that will make your porch usable three or four seasons out of the year. Do you plan to have a fireplace, lighting, ceiling fans, screens to keep out bugs?  If so, don’t forget to include the cost of insulation, electrical,  heating, appropriate windows into your budget.


Is your porch user-friendly?

Consider how best to enter your home from the porch.  Make sure the entry way is easily accessible and encourages good traffic flow. Large patio or French doors offer easy access to side and back porches and are a good source of natural light for your home.


Designing and decorating your porch.

If you have the room, make your porch a destination for guests by creating separate sitting and dining areas. A sitting area with all-weather furniture and an indoor/outdoor rug gives visitors a spot to enjoy cocktails and conversation. Make a separate lounge area inviting by including outdoor couches and chairs and comfortable outdoor pillows and cushions.


Porch Style - Things to Think About

The size and shape of your posts and columns should complement the architectural style of your home. For example, thick columns in a masonry base are often used on a Craftsman porch, while a Victorian porch may include tightly spaced, thin and embellished posts.

Post and column material options are ranging.  Aside from wood, there are manufactured options made of materials that mimic wood such as composites made from resins and woods, high-density polyurethane and vinyl.  These are typically more expensive, but these products are generally long-lasting and require less maintenance.


Porch Doors

Well-chosen doors serve a number of purposes in a porch. In a front porch, a prominent entry door sets the tone for your house. In a sheltered back porch, large French doors with transom windows above can provide access while allowing natural light into your home.

For a narrow porch where swing space is limited, a sliding door might be your best option. For a porch where you entertain, you want a door with a large enough opening that allows you to carry trays of food and drinks in and out of the house. Ideally, make door decisions early in your porch project. If you want to include new trim or use a larger door, the change may affect your siding.


Tips for Creating or Choosing Perfect Porch Doors

§  Update an existing porch door by using paint or new hardware.

§  Look for energy efficient doors with high-performance insulation and a weather-stripped fit.

§  Make a statement with your porch door by using a contrasting colour for your trim.

§  Screen doors encourage ventilation, allow light into your home and connect your porch with the rooms inside.

§  Glazing options, like bevelled or frosted glass, can add interest to your porch door.


Over to you - What do you love or hate about your porch?




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