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Preparation For Winter, Home Improvement “What To Do’s”

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016

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Fall season home improvement “must do” projects around your home. With cold weather approaching and heating bill season here for a while, we have some suggestions for this fall season.

  1. Get your furnace cleaned, whether hot water, forced-air or other, dirt and grime greatly affect your furnace’s efficiency
  2. Replace your furnace air filter.  Forced-air needs to flow well, and some studies calculate upwards of 40% lost efficiency due to poor air flow
  3. Caulk your windows from the outside
  4. Weatherstrip your windows from the inside, tiny openings add up.  Weather-stripping is an easy application.  Your local home improvement store stocks all kinds of options.
  5. Remove leaves from your eaves troughs to ensure water drains well away from your roof line and foundation.  If you're weary of getting on your roof, call a local contractor in your area - like Urbana roofers to help.
  6. Contact your snow removal contractor and speak to your neighbour about combining your contracts
  7. If you have a fireplace or wood stove in your home or cottage, have your chimney swept.  Your insurance will ask you to do this, but it’s really a good idea for your family’s safety as well.
  8. Remove debris and leaves from the outside of your home, much easier now than in the spring melt off!
  9. Change your smoke detector batteries!

Fall season home improvement “optional” projects

  1. Replacing sod, and if you have any trees to plant, the fall is the best time to do this work for long-term results
  2. Remove dead limbs from trees and plants/shrubs; it’s much easier now than in the busy spring season.  Your property will look best in the spring with this work done!
  3. Remove any dead/weak trees from your property. Heavy winds and snow will eventually cause weak trees to fall over, so removing them this fall would be a great idea
  4. Plant your tulip and spring bulbs!  If you want to keep the squirrels away, stake down chicken wire over the planted area.  Pesky squirrels are busy in the fall season!