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The Eclectic Charm Of Mismatched Dining Sets

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016

Interior Design


While matching dining room sets are often stunning pieces of furniture, overtime they can start to feel a bit unexciting. One way to revive your dining room table is by changing up the seating. Incorporating different colours and textures in your set adds an interesting flare to your dining room and creates more versatility in the space. The idea of using mismatched seating for dining room tables has been around for decades. Traditionally the change in styles was reserved for the head chairs – most often done by adding arms or a taller seatback. Modern designers have taken this idea one step further and are now incorporating major shifts in materiality, finishes and styles.

Ideas include:

  • altering the head chairs
  • bold prints and unique chair forms
  • folded throws on the backs add contrast and interest to the set

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Creating a Versatile Dining Space

Different seating styles can create a more flexible dining area. Without being part of a formal set, guests and hosts feel more free to adjust dining chairs to suit the event. Also, by establishing an eclectic and casual atmosphere, additional seating can be brought to the table without looking too out of place.

Bringing a bench to the table allows you to seat more people. It can also double as a coffee table when needed. 

Cushioned chairs at the heads of this table can be relocated as comfortable seats for less formal gatherings. 

Multifunctional Seating

In recent years designers have started replacing seating with loveseats. The sofa can also act as comfortable casual seating, making the most of a small space.  

Create a cozy dining nook in your kitchen by replacing chairs with a love-seat.  You can add excitement to the space with bold colour. Throw pillows and cushions can also create more interest through patterns and prints. 

Achieving a Balanced and Diverse Look

The one danger with mismatched furniture is the potential to overwhelm the space and lose a sense of consistency. To maintain a cohesive design, invest in chairs that relate to each other in some way. This can be done by using materials, finishes or forms that work well together. Another option is to stick to a set colour scheme or style. Placement is also key when trying to keep a sense of balance with mismatched seating. When adding different chairs, try to create a regular pattern between each style. 

Try introducing bright colours while trying keep a balanced look with a similar form or you can try a cohesive look by sticking to a neutral colour scheme.

Seating and Table Heights

Another thing to be aware of is the height of each chair. Having one chair that is much shorter than the rest of your set can make for a rather uncomfortable meal. To avoid this, be sure to coordinate your chairs to be a similar height and ensure that they work well with your table. The standard measurement for a dining chair at a 26 ½ inch table is between 16 and 17 inches from the floor. For a taller table – between 28 and 30 inches, invest in chairs that sit 18 inches above the floor. These standards allow for about a foot between the chair and the dining table. If you are having a hard time limiting the height differences between chairs, try adding pillows or seat cushions. This can help even out your seating while adding more texture and colour to the set.  

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