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Tile Time

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Aug 4, 2016

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Tile Time:  Pattern Trends in Tile

There are few other décor materials that can bring the “wow factor” to a space like tiles can.

The colours, shapes and styles available are endless. The variety is almost as expansive and interesting as what is available in fabrics and textiles. Smooth or textured, gloss or matte, modern or traditional, plain or colourful… and the shapes and sizes available are even more impressive.  

A current tile pattern trend is herringbone.  We are seeing this in backsplashes, showers and even floors. The herringbone tile pattern is a modern take on hardwood floors that were commonly applied this way in early century majestic homes.


Make an Impact

Tiles can make a dramatic impression in spaces like no other finish. When decorating, consider an accent wall to make a big impact or go bold in small spaces such as backsplashes and powder rooms.

Create a focal point or dramatic wall or floor of tile.  A bright monotone space can be jazzed up with a spectacular tile pattern on the floor or accent wall. It can take your space from pretty to” jaw-dropping”.



Budget permitting, don’t be afraid to tile from floor to ceiling.  By avoiding stop lines, you can maximize the impact of the tile. Tile beyond the backsplash line or the typical shower line just above the shower fixture. By running it to the ceiling, you get a much more complete and impactful look.


Just a Touch

Smaller touches of tile treatments can be amazing decorative accents that can draw the eye.  Colourful or textured tiles can be the finishing touch for the look you are going for.   

Additional applications can be patterned into carpet runners or a feature over the stove.


Over to you - what tile styles have caught your attention?




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