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Welcoming Spring Into Your Home

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016


Spring is here - you can get a jumpstart on the season by brightening up your home with these simple design ideas.

Introducing Fresh Colours

One of the key indicators that spring is here is the revival of colour. The grey moods of winter slip away as the days grow longer and the snow melts to reveal green grass below. The renewed energy that comes from nature’s shifting seasons can have a similar effect indoors. Introducing springtime colours into your home is a great way to brighten up a space. Greens, oranges and yellows are vibrant hues that perk up a room. One option for bringing a springtime atmosphere into your home is to paint a room in one of these fresh colours. When choosing the exact shade for your space, be sure to pick one that can later be adapted to suit all seasons. Another option is to add an accent wall. This will allow you to introduce a vibrant colour into your home without the fear of overwhelming the space.

The pale yellow of this room is paired with white accents, making the space feel brighter and more spacious.


These green accent walls add a fresh tone to this space, without overpowering the room.


For design ideas that require less commitment, try bringing colour into your home through fabrics, pillows, throws and/or accessories. These small pieces can easily be shifted so that your home always stays up to date and inline with the seasons. 

The soft colours, fabric and form of these pillows bring a springlike atmosphere to the room.


Hints of lavender and pink bring this room to life coupled with colourful accent items and pillows to match.


Artwork and Photography

Artwork is another great way to bring life onto your walls. The content, style and colour of the pieces you choose play a major role in shaping the way your home feels. Images of landscapes have a way of making people feel as though they are there. So when incorporating photographs, drawings or paintings that have natural scenes into your home décor, choose landscapes that emulate the atmosphere that you would like to achieve. Abstract paintings that include natural colours can also incite similar feelings. If you are looking to welcome the warmer seasons into your home, choose pieces that include vibrant, lighter tones such as yellows, blues and pinks.

Bring the garden indoors. The indoor gardens incite a springlike atmosphere in this room.



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