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Winter Is Here!

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016

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Here are some simple tasks you can do to your home that can help you stay warm, safe and energy-conscious this winter.

Check your hearth   Make sure your chimney flue opens and closes properly.  If you burn a lot of fires, don’t forget to have your chimney professionally cleaned on a regular basis (every 1-2 years depending on usage).

Are your windows sealed? Weatherstrip drafty windows to keep heat in and energy bills low. Weatherstripping is a temporary, inexpensive and easy solution to sealing old drafty windows. It’s easy to install and easy to remove.

What’s in your gutters? Clogged gutters block the drainage of rain and melting snow, resulting in ice damming.  Ice damming can cause shingles to lift which can create leaks in your roof.  Avoid ice build-up and anything that can block flow through your eaves. Removing any leaves and debris from down spouts ensures water drains well away from your roof line and foundation.  

Don’t forget about heating maintenance Have a professional check your heating system and ensure it's in good working order before you turn it on. During the winter, try to change your filter regularly; sediment build-up can cause your system to work less efficiently or potentially become a fire-hazard. Cleaning your system and getting it inspected will reduce the risks. Don't forget to replace the batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, in case any of your heating systems are overworking.

To clear or not to clear? When should you clear the snow from your roof?  Most homes today are built to handle snow on the roof. Mother nature will generally take care of clearing it - but if there is major snow and you start to see signs of the house under strain (doorways are sticking, cracks in the walls), you might want to consider getting a professional in to help.  We do not recommend clearing snow by yourself. You can do more damage to your roof than good, and it is dangerous to be clearing snow from the roof in winter.  Hire a professional!

Pad your pipes A small frozen pipe can cause big household damage if it bursts, so pad your pipes to prevent floods. The most vulnerable are exposed pipes in unheated areas, such as a basement, attic, crawl space or inside cabinets. With this simple task, you're preventing water damage and conserving energy.

Clear out your heating ducts A home with central heating can lose about 20% of the air that moves through the duct system. Make sure your ducts are in order by properly sealing and insulating them. Tightly sealed and insulated ducts can potentially reduce your annual energy bills.

Dodge the draft The space under a door is a common way for heat to escape one room and float into unheated areas where it isn't necessary. Draft dodgers are insulation stoppers that fit the space under a door but still allow the door to open with relative ease. This is another quick and effective way to keep the cold out and your heat in!  



If you need help with any of these tasks, you can find a contractor and post your projects online on websites such as is an innovative website that connects people who have home maintenance and renovation jobs online with contractors who are able to do the job - the perfect handyman/contractor is ready for you!