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Winter Painting Tips

By: Bidmyreno Admin | Feb 16, 2016

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As if painting was not difficult enough...painting in the winter is even tougher. The most common difficulties encountered during the winter while apply quality acrylic latex paint is an uneven look due to roller marks, curtaining and picture framing (when cutting and rolling looks different). There is a very simple explanation for this and it has to do with drying time. In the winter when temperatures drop below -10C it becomes extremely dry inside your home causing the drying time for quality acrylics to be reduced from 20 to 30 minutes to under 5 minutes, sometimes when it is extremely cold out it can take less than 2 minutes! When this occurs and if no action is taken to slow down the drying time, back-rolling becomes nearly impossible and you are in essence putting 2 coats in some areas and 1 in others causing a very uneven look on the walls. This problem becomes more noticeable with darker colours.

What can be done?

Reduce the temperature and air circulation in the room by closing doors and vents while the room is being painted. This will allow the paint to flow and level better as it will slow the drying time. Floetrol can be added to wall paint to further slow the drying time and improve flow and levelling of the paint. A top quality roller with the proper nap (10mil) will also aid in achieving an even finish. The proper amount of paint needs to be used on the walls. Stretching out your paint will exacerbate the problem by reducing the flow and levelling of the paint coat. The reason this problem is not as significant in lower quality paints is due to the fact they have higher solvent contents while Quality Acrylics are much higher in solids. This is one reason why the experts use only quality paints such as C2 and Pratt and Lambert.

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