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Reviewed on Mar 18 2016
By: Geoffery W.
I contacted Asbestos Ottawa for an estimate on vermiculite testing and an estimate in the removal if it came back positive. Eddy Conrod Project Manager got back to me very quickly and was able to provide an estimate based on what I told him. I was very pleased with response. I processed to ask for insurance and references. Well did our pleasant email turn very hostile. He refused to give references and not a word about insurance. I was told to go find another company of I wanted references with cursing attached. Very unprofessional. If a company refuses reference specially refusing to show insurance wasn't settling with me. Please look into big and small company's before hiring.
Reviewed on Mar 18 2016
By: Angie L.
These companies asbestos ottawa and ace contracting would not provide if they even have any thier insurance wsib registration. The gst number they provide is null the company is a fake, i would look into this more before hiring.