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Reviewed on Mar 18 2016
By: Keith G.
We hired Kitchens Baths & Interiors on Nov 4, 2014 to install a backsplash and to repair and stain match some lightly scratched doors on the kitchen cabinetry. The work was supposed to take two weeks to complete. When we first met Gonzalo Inostroza to discuss the project he seemed like a detailed professional with some good ideas and he was very prompt in returning calls and emails before the start of the project. The backsplash was installed first and when they came to inspect the work, Mr. Inostroza removed six cabinet doors at this time for repair. During the inspection he was made aware that there were some problems with the backsplash installation (gaps showing after the fixture plates had been reinstalled) and he assured us someone would be back within the next bit to fix the problem. Two weeks after this visit no one had returned to fix the backsplash problem and he had not contacted us to reinstall the kitchen doors. At this point we contacted him to get a time line on the repairs and completion of the project. Kitchens, Baths and Interiors informed us that they were having a hard time with the stain match but they would be finished shortly. While once easily available, from this point forward they became basically impossible to reach either by phone or by email. We would eventually get a response when we would leave a message threatening further action but it was always the same answer, the work is not up to my standards yet, but you should have them back to you shortly. Finally on December 29 after many misses deadlines (the most recent being before Christmas) and with still no word on completion of the project and no phone calls to explain himself we informed them that we would be contacting the police since he had still not returned our doors even though he had been asked to do so on numerous occasions. On December 30 the doors were returned to us and to say the least we were shocked. Not only had no repairs been completed but the doors appeared to have been left in water since they now have split seams and mold damage. We are very dissatisfied since we are were left in a far worse position than before we started. We ended up having to contact another company to complete the work and replace the cabinet doors. I would recommend steering clear of this company based on our experiences with them.