Sales & Customer Service Representative
Ottawa, ON, CA
Application deadline
May 22 2017 is a free on-line listing service for home and business owners looking for quality contractors.  We are looking for an entry-level sales & customer service representative to work on a short-term contract who is an energetic self-starter, comfortable spending time talking to people on the phone and who has great computer and data entry skills! 


The role is to follow up on leads to connect contractors to homeowners on  Tasks include reviewing homeowner jobs and researching local contractors across Canada and calling them to introduce them to and helping them get set up on the system to bid on renovation jobs. 


Should you apply for this position? If most of the following statements about you are true, then you might be right for this business:


  • You have a passion for renovations and can get excited about construction. 
  • You are a self-starter and don’t need someone to tell you every next step 
  • You are a talker – you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone – but keep them interested 
  • You are able to help people who don’t typically use the internet everyday to understand how to use a website and guide them through the process 
  • You are well organized and can keep your contact list and targets organized – doing administrative work doesn’t bother you 
  • You have good data entry skills, free from mistakes 
  • You have a general understanding of technology and websites and maintaining a database 
  • You have good writing skills 
  • You can work alone, from home and manage your time appropriately 


Salary: $12/hr plus commission on all new contractors.  Flexible work from home 30 hrs per week.  Requires own computer, internet connection and long distance phone calling.

The application deadline for this job has passed.