About Us

How it started

It was 2007. Jeff and Thom – neighbours – were both getting their houses renovated and having a heck of a time finding reliable contractors. “Seriously!”, they thought, “there must be an easier way than calling all our friends and searching through yellow pages?” The two set out on a quest to solve the problem.

Today, bidmyreno.com makes it really easy for homeowners and businesses who need renovations and home services to connect with skilled contractors, service providers and suppliers. No project is too big or small. With bidmyreno.com, skilled suppliers and contractors are notified of projects that are available for bid and only those who are interested will provide an estimate. Homeowners don’t have to waste time making multiple calls and researching contractors – they can post a job or request, get responses and view profiles and ratings right on the website to help make a decision on who to work with.

Why we are pretty cool

We think it’s super important that bidmyreno.com, unlike many other renovation connection sites, always allows all projects and jobs to be posted for full viewing – so that all contractors and suppliers can see activity in their region. It’s our goal to keep everything as open as possible as we think that transparency in this industry is really needed.

We also are pretty unique in that we provide a broader range of access to services for the homeowner and project owner – we also allow posting for home maintenance services and supplies in addition to access to skilled contractors so that project owners can benefit from getting everything they need quickly. Need someone to clean your house in addition to start renovations when you buy? No problem – bidmyreno.com to the rescue!

We also provide project owners with the ability to send out a project for immediate estimation to local contractors in a way that the process remains transparent to contractors and homeowners – with a full understanding of how many contractors are bidding on a project and available jobs and timeframes. Many renovator and contractor websites conduct this business in one-on-one messaging systems in the background, but bidmyreno’s policies are to remain as open as possible so we can be upfront with homeowners and contractors at all times!

Finally, we would also like to point out that bidmyreno.com is also a simple to use directory and promotional vehicle for contractors, service providers and suppliers – we provide the ability for these businesses to list services and products to a targeted audience and get direct contacts from people who are interested in products and services in their local region.

Management Team

Jeff Parkes, Co-Founder

Aboutus jeff

As a co-founder of bidmyreno.com, Jeff is still super active in providing consulting and oversight to all aspects of the business. As the VP, Development of Taggart Investments, Jeff has extensive knowledge of the construction industry and deep experience in business that he brings to the table for bidmyreno.com

Thomas Krul, Co-Founder

Aboutus tom

As a co-founder of bidmyreno-com, Thomas Krul’s passion for bidmyreno.com continues as he provides consultation on technical development of the website. With a background in web development and management and years of experience in Silicon Valley start-ups, Thomas provides deep expertise on all aspects of research and development.

Tracy Harris, Chief Executive Officer

Aboutus tracy

Tracy Harris was super excited to combine her passion for home renovations and technology by taking on the position of Chief Executive Officer of bidmyreno.com in 2015. With a background in marketing, international business and management at companies such as IBM, Cognos and Entrust, Tracy provides expertise in strategy and assistance in growing a business from start-up to scaling worldwide.

Shile Fasugba, Chief Technology Officer

Aboutus shile

Shile Fasugba took his love of technology to a new level when taking over the role of Chief Technology Officer of bidmyreno.com in 2015. With a passion for all-things-technical, Shile’s extensive experience with web applications and entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to be focused on making bidmyreno.com the coolest renovation-contractor-supplier collaboration system yet!

Who is it for?

bidmyreno.com allows homeowners, business owners or general contractors who have renovation projects or maintenance services that require a skilled contractor to post details about their project. Skilled contractors and suppliers are notified and only those interested in the timeframe provided can contact them with an estimate.  You can find services and suppliers such as:

bidmyreno.com will clearly list your project by location and schedule so only those contractors available to service your area will be quoting on your project.