5x7 Bathroom Renovation
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20161019 183819
Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Oct 19 2016 | By: Rob G.
Project Schedule: Dec 16 2016 | Bids: 7 Submit Bid
Project Description
I have a 5x7 bathroom that is original to the house that needs to be gutted & redone. I anticipate it will need to be brought down to the studs on all 4 walls, but the ceiling will have to stay as it is a bungalow & all of the insulation is sitting on it. The tub is an old metal one that will have to be cut to be removed. Above the tub is the window for the bathroom & I would like a new window installed that still opens & closes and is fully waterproofed properly. I'd like that same wall insulated with spray foam in order to get the best seal & insulating properties. A heated floor would be nice as well, but that could be optional. Its a small space, so a 30" vanity is most likely the biggest that will fit. Also I'd like storage behind the mirror, lots of storage, so it might need to be a custom piece of mill-work that would fit around the studs & not stick out too far from the wall. Also, the shower head would need to raised higher than the current set-up.
Bathroom Specialist
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Discount - I want the cheapest price! This is just a functional job
Square Footage:
bathroom is 5x7, so 35sq.ft.
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I think the contractor will have access to better materials than I do, therefore I'd expect him to supply me with options.
It's a standard 5x7 bathroom, door on the right side that swings in to the right, on the left is the vanity, next to that is the toilet & then the tub is along the back wall.
Additional Notes:
We're not looking for high end finishes, but quality ones & a quality job.
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