Aluminum Shingle Roof Repair
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Mar 30 2016 | By: Sebastien L.
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Repair roof - aluminum shingle on low slope split-level mansard roof Requesting: Detailed quote to repair all roof deficiencies (upper & lower roof sections) including rationale. Requirements: The roofer must be fully insured liability, WSIB and provide full evidence of insurance prior to starting any work. Minimum of 3 references for each roofer on the project. Minimum 10 year warranty on repair/installation. Provide photographic evidence and brief report on all deficiencies: • as currently installed • during removal of existing installation Provide a step-by-step plan for the repair. The plan must be discussed and approved by the client. Each step in the installation must be inspected and approved by the client before proceeding to the next step. The client will make all reasonable efforts to be available for all inspections. Installation: Shingles must be supplied from the Aluminium Shingle Company and color matched to existing shingles. Other visible finishing must be color matched to shingles (e.g. trim, drip edge, etc.). Ice and water shield to ensure water-tight underlayment for low slope roof. Replace existing 3/8" plywood and install 1/2" plywood on lower roof. Remove ventilation stack from rear chimney (currently roofed over). Installation must adhere to manufacturer instructions for low slope roofs. For example: • use aluminum nails to secure shingles • shingles tied in around plumbing stack • standard or greater overlap in starter trim • standard or greater overlap in flashing • high quality ice and water shield with added overlap
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