Back Yard Deck
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Mar 25 2016 | By: Matt M.
Project Schedule: May 06 2016 | Bids: 3 Submit Bid
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Looking to have a deck built in my back yard. I want to use pressure treated wood for the decking with deck blocks rather than sonotubes. The deck will run between 160-180" in length and between 120-136" in width. I'm unsure how many deck blocks this will require nor do I have a preference for the foundation. A few options would be handy to mull over. The deck will be level with the patio door but it isn't very high (6-12" or so). There may be 1-2 steps off the patio into the yard and I haven't considered railings or posts but am open to having a quote given with and without these. I may do that part myself. In the attached picture, it shows the yard. The deck will come from the corner of the house where the patio door is, out to roughly the edge of the patio stones (they will be removed prior to the work starting) and then the deck goes width-wise to just before the middle window of the house (roughly 136" by 180").
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