Basement Walls & Ceiling Re Done Due To Mice
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Jan 03 2018 | By: Roy L.
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Need wall panels and ceiling tiles removed in a small portion of the basement. We'll need to seal off any potential entry ways for the mice if possible, and then put up drywall on the walls (15.1 - 10.4 - 11.1), height is probably around 7-7.5ft. And then a drop ceiling or potentially ceiling tiles again depending on cost efficiency. If you are able to help with this project, that would be greatly appreciated. Let me know. I am home almost all week with the exception of Thursday and Friday mornings.
Wall Coverings/Drywall Gypsum/General Contractor Services
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Well Done - It doesn't have to be gold-plated, but I am making sure it's done well!
Square Footage:
There are 3 walls for room, the approximate square footage is: 170 square feet.
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I have not purchase any materials at this points, so it would be best if you provided the materials as I don't even know what to look for.
All dimensions posted above.
Additional Notes:
I would be curious of a cost with the removal of the current wall and ceiling and a cost without. I may be able to demo the room myself, but cold weigh out both options.
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