Bathroom Fan Install + Repositioning Light Switch
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Electrical work
Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Jan 27 2018 | By: Myles B.
Project Schedule: Apr 02 2018 | Bids: 1 Submit Bid
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2 part project. 1. Supply and install a ceiling bathroom fan. Fan needs to be vented to the outside through the soffit. Center of bathroom to outside for exhaust pipe run is approximately 6'. Bathroom is on the main floor with an attic above it. Attic access hatch is maybe 12-15' away from where the exhaust fan should be installed. Access should be relatively easy. Attic has recently had its insulation upgraded and is under warranty. Contractor is expected to perform the work and then restore the attic insulation in such a way as to return it to it's original condition/depth and not void the insulation warranty. 2. Reposition a lightswitch We have a lightswitch in our family room that controls a gas fireplace, but it is in the way of future shelving units. We would like to move the switch to another wall where the controls for the room's lights are. Family room is on the main floor with unfinished basement beneath it for wire fishing. Old light switch/drywall should be patched up in a professional manner to allow painting . Once painted, there should be no visible sign that there was ever a hole/switch there.
Electrical Work
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