Bathroom Reno/Overhaul
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Location Gatineau, QC
Posted on: Jul 27 2016 | By: Mathieu B.
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We are looking to redo our entire 2nd floor bathroom. It has an odd shape presently, meaning it's not a perfectly rectangular room. About mid-wall, it angles out approx. 2'6" feet to create the a doorway. Dimensions are 12'5" x ~5' (4'11" on one side and 5'5" on the other). - There is a slider door to the master bedroom that we would like removed. - Bath would need to be moved and replaced to other side of bathroom. - A new glass shower would go in its stead. - Toilet and cabinetry could stay in same location. Toilet has been replaced recently and would stay. Cabinetry would need to be replaced. - Window would also need to be replaced, and if possible moved to over the new tub location. - Ceramic floor tiles need to be replaced. Looking for estimates, possibly interior designer to make us some sort of plan or layout of our ideas. Best regards, Matt
Lighting/Countertops/Interior Design/Wall Coverings/Bathroom Specialist/Plumbing Fixtures/Drywall Gypsum/Electrical Work/Flooring
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Discount - I want the cheapest price! This is just a functional job
Square Footage:
Approx. 65 square feet
Materials d6f16adb5c0f41bc58118f033dbf2a119329075fe13b72f6cbd6d1ed733ae670 Materials:
New bathtub, Cabinetry, Faucets for sink and tub, Tiles, Counter-top, Glass panes and ceramic tile for new shower, Tubing for plumbing, etc
Area for new Bathtub would be MAX 64" x 40" Area for new Shower would be MAX 59" x 35" Current Counter-top measures 48" x 22"
Additional Notes:
If window can be moved, ideally we would want it to be the same width as the new tub and all the way near to the ceiling with privacy shading.
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