Confirm Location Of And Prevent Freezing Of Water Pipe In Winter
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Posted on: Oct 11 2016 | By: Abdallah B.
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Ok so here's the situation I've had an issue with freezing water pipes when it gets really cold outside. I have a 3 floor attached townhome. It has a rear facing garage which backs onto a laneway, with a deck on top of the garage. Last year I had frozen pipes which blocked my 2nd floor powder room pipes and my third floor master washroom pipes. The powder room is located towards the middle of the house, but it appears the piping comes up through the furnace room, towards the garage, and passes near the wall between the garage and the house before reaching the powder room on the other side of the house. This is my current best guess, as I've cut two smallish pieces of the ceiling drywall in the garage. My current best guess: There may not be enough insulation between the garage interface with the house up top where the piping runs from one side of the house to the other. What I'm looking for: Someone knowledgable to confirm most likely source of cold getting to pipes. Probably will require cutting drywall in the garage for access etc. Insulate/spray foam/ whatever the best solution is, and close the drywall before winter arrives. I will be insulating my garage door before winter arrives with sytrofoam etc. I will try to get pictures up very soon, first time I use this site.
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Drywall, possibly spray foam or insulation batts etc
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I'm hoping to get some pictures up if this website allows for it.
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