Entrance Walkway Interlock Pavers
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Location Gatineau, QC
Posted on: Aug 03 2016 | By: Eduardo M.
Project Schedule: Aug 15 2016 | Bids: 2 Submit Bid
Project Description
This project consist of removing the current paving material on the entrance walkway (some kind of rectangular cement pavers with small river rocks on them) of the house and installing interlock pavers on a surface mesuring approximately 90 square feet. The design is rectangular so no complicated curves or anything like that. I prefer small 4x8 pavers type Permacon Melville in grey or range savannah beige color. There are concrete sidings in good shape that could be reused. The work,naturally, will also consist of redoing, compacting, and leveling the surface, sealing, cleaning, and so on.
Asphalt Paving & Interlock
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Discount - I want the cheapest price! This is just a functional job
Square Footage:
Easily accesible entrance walkway measuring approximately 90 square feet.
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I am planning to purchase the pavers, but I am not sure how much gravel, sand, or other materials are needed since there is a surface already; so the contractor needs to provide these materials. I am also open for a quote that includes the pavers.
Rectangular shaped area measuring a total of approximately 90 square feet (main area) but depending of design and the proposed solution it could be larger as I would like to reduce/remove the flor bed besides it. Also, there is work to be done on the retaining wall beside the walkway. So project to be further discussed with contractor.
Additional Notes:
This should be straight forward for a contractor, so nothing to remark here.