Finishing My Basement
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Mar 22 2016 | By: Jason R.
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I'm looking to hire a team of at least two people to help me finish my basement. I want to work with you to put in some of my labour when I can and I will do the planning, material purchasing, etc. I would like to pay hourly and would want at least two people at most times. The home was built in 2009 with no water damage or major issues. Looking to finish about 900 sq ft. Step 1. Planning - I'm about 60% there. HVAC and Electrical need some work. Basic layout and insulation are planned. Material is not ordered. Step 2. Floor - I'm looking to lay down Foamular 0.8" board with 5/8 OSB T&G glued and tapcon'd on top. For the walls, I want to pull down the existing insulation and glue foamular 0.8" board to the foundation wall, as well as in the sill space. I want to spray foam any small gaps and then put the builder insulation back in. Step 3. HVAC - I need to move the cold air return that runs across the house in closer to the main beam. Its about a 30ft run and there are some plumbing items (central vac, PEX, and natural gas) to be moved out of the way to fit in the space. While doing this - need to install exhausts and returns in the basement. Step 4. Frame out the bulk heads (I've already framed the walls but not the bulk head spaces. Step 5. Electrical - install basic fixtures and outlets to the plan. Step 6. Install the doors - two 36" doors and one 48" double door. Step 7. Drywall and mud - both ceiling and walls. I'm not planning to do a drop ceiling. The remainder of the work - moulding, painting, flooring are not included in this bid.
Basement Specialist/Carpentry/Drywall Gypsum/Electrical Work/House Framing/Hvac/General Contractor Services
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