Finishing Of The Basement
Bid Closing Date
2016 07 21 1148 bathroom space
Location Gatineau, QC
Posted on: Jul 22 2016 | By: Jiri H.
Project Schedule: Immediate | Bids: 4 Submit Bid
Project Description
We are looking for somebody to work in our basement (around 500 sf) where we need to finish the bathroom (plumbing, shower installation, tilling, electric work), do some changes in the electric wiring (three new lights, few plugs, switches), finishing dry walls (mainly ceiling and ducts and area around stairs, walls are mostly done). We would like to have a walk in shower, without a base. We are open to divide the work among a couple contractors. Thanks for all your offers. Jiri and Stephanie.
Bathroom Specialist/Basement Specialist/Plumbing Fixtures/Drywall Gypsum/Electrical Work
Contractor 0aa13b4a5e5e7f3a15076f8f40d58245edc85276c85ccf21f07b4384d2ecd0d5 Job Size:
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Discount - I want the cheapest price! This is just a functional job
Square Footage:
Bathroom - 60 sf, living space - 260 sf, office area - 140 sf, space between living and office space - 40 sf.
Materials d6f16adb5c0f41bc58118f033dbf2a119329075fe13b72f6cbd6d1ed733ae670 Materials:
We need materials to finish the bathroom (wall in the shower corner, floor, tiles). We already have toilet, vanity, sink, fossets, drywalls.
Bathroom is 8f x 7f. Living space is 23f x 12f (main work is finishing of ceiling). Office space is 9f x 14f (main work is finish of ceiling).
Additional Notes:
Drains and water pipes are already done in the bathroom.