Flooring Project With New Kitchen Island
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Jul 06 2016 | By: Susan M.
Project Schedule: Nov 01 2016 | Bids: 7 Submit Bid
Project Description
Flooring and Kitchen Island Project: Carpet throughout the main level (Foyer, Great room and Family room areas = ~500 sq ft) to be removed and replaced with laminate flooring. Baseboards to be removed for proper installation. Kitchen area flooring to be removed and tile to be installed(~200 sq ft). Current kitchen island to be removed and replaced with new cabinets/island and laminate countertop. Kitchen island has plumbing for dishwasher and sink. Sink & facet to be replace with new product. Carpet on stairs to be replace with new carpet.
Plumbing Fixtures/Flooring
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Discount - I want the cheapest price! This is just a functional job
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Laminate Flooring = Foyer, Great room and Family room areas = ~500 sq ft Tile + Kitchen area = ~ 200 sq ft
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I will be purchasing the material with the guidance form the contractor.
Please see attached floor plan
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