Front Entrance And Garage Entrance
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Jun 22 2016 | By: Bianca K.
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**in addition to reno originally posted, if we like the person we also need the garage entrance done. See additional photos- it will need to be jackhammered out and done new again - a good mason contractor likely needed with great ideas. Garage door is no longer shutting properly due to edge of garage floor lifting... Bought house last summer and stairs were painted. After snow was gone this year the paint was lifting and chipping. Then noticed after paint taken off as much as possible that concrete is cracked in places and shifted from house in places. Also, the patio stones leading to the stairs are not level and frankly are ugly. Would like whole front entrance thought out/planned and done, where no annual work is needed and no need to worry about damage during snow removal (i.e. paint or aggregate). Not wishing to spend a fortune but know that solid work isn't from the dollar store.
Design Build/Masonry/Asphalt Paving & Interlock
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Discount - I want the cheapest price! This is just a functional job
Square Footage:
8'x 12' approx. plus garage entrance (1.5 size garage front)
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we can source materials if cheaper but likely contractor. Also now have flag stones for entrance up to stairs already - just need precision cutting and placing.
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