Front Porch Railing Repair / Partial Rebuild
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Sep 16 2016 | By: Karin F.
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Project Description
The railings on the porch and steps are in poor condition with some of the wood cap pieces rotting away and needing to be replaced. A couple spindles need to be replaced as well as the cap pieces at the bottom of each post. The railing on the right side of the front steps needs to be completely rebuilt as many of the spindles (rungs?) are rotting and the bottom of the top board is rotting as well as the bottom of the post at the bottom of the steps. The left side railing also needs to have the wood at the bottom of the post replaced. The job will be considered complete when everything is satisfactorily back together and paintable caulking is applied and any gaps or holes are filled and sanded, ready to be painted. I will look after the painting. I have a piece of top railing from when a neighbour took down their railings that can be re-used on the rebuilt part on the right side of the steps. I also have several replacement spindles (rungs). The only new wood that will need to be purchased will be the boards to redo the caps as well as the rebuild of the right side railing and the 2 bottom of steps posts. I'm looking for someone who will take care to do a good job and provide me with options with costs in terms of what type of replacement wood to use.
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Discount - I want the cheapest price! This is just a functional job
Square Footage:
approximately 6' long railing on stairs
Materials d6f16adb5c0f41bc58118f033dbf2a119329075fe13b72f6cbd6d1ed733ae670 Materials:
I already have some of the replacement materials but more will need to be purchased. We can negotiate who will purchase the remaining materials. wood required is as follows: 2 pieces 6' of 2x4 4 pieces 4' of 2x4 2 pieces 6' of 1x4 4 pieces 4' of 1x4
The posts at the bottom of the steps are roughly 3.5' high and are made by the stacking of alternating 1x4 and 2x4 boards. The railing to be rebuilt has a 2x4 at the bottom, then a 1x4 at the top over which goes the top board.
Additional Notes:
I will do the painting after the rebuild is done. I would like to get the work done quickly so that I can paint before cold weather comes.
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