Install Doors/Backsplash/Moldings/Retread And Finish Stairs
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Mar 04 2016 | By: Shile F.
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Following work needs to be done (please provide bids for each item independently excluding other jobs AND assume all material to be provided). I have gotten 5 quotes thus far and have a very good idea what this work should cost, however, posting here to for further competitive bids. 1) Install 7 interior doors on existing door frame/door jambs. This includes chiseling/mounting out 2 hinges and a lockset hole and casing. 2) Install traventine backsplash (rough sq ft'age is 30 sqft). Includes removing existing ceramic tiles, install new backboard/humitek dwall 3) A: Install 200 linear ft of baseboard (3 5/8 tall) and quater round. These are going in 3 rooms, 1 hallway, and one stair case on a second floor bedroom(all are mostly straights with limited number of cuts). You must cope instead of cutting corners. B: Remove and install another 200 linear ft of baseboard and quater round on first floor. Similar to item # 3 4) Install and finish oak treads AND risers (match to newly installed natural high gloss finish hardwood) on existing stair case. Details: Note that Stairs have all the nails/staples/existing carpet removed. 1) Stair case is straight and both ends capped and 36 inch wide 2) Total number of steps are 12 that will be finished with treads 3) One step/landing is about 3 ft x 3 ft and will be finished with 2 1/4 hardwood with oak nosing finished/matched to the natural finished 4) Additionally install two bull noses on the very top of stairs (hallway will have hardwood flooring, but the stair tread needs to be installed first and therefore to do that bull nose needs to be installed on the hallway floor first). This is matter of installing a bullnose as 2 bull noses with a 45 deg cut. Additionally, please note that if you have any sample pictures of similar work that you have done in past (especially stairs) please send them to me or a link to your website portfolio along with your bid. Finally, please expect me to check at least 3 references where you have done any work in recent past. Thank you for taking time to read through my request.
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