Installation Of Chimney Style Hood Vent With Replacement Of 4 Inch Pipe
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Hood vent
Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Jun 26 2016 | By: Kevin M.
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Our old under-cuboard hood vent crapped out. As part of our kitchen reno we decided to switch styles of hood vent. We have the old one removed already but the vent is only 4 inch, which we've been told will cause a lot of noise. We'd like to replace approximately 20 feet of metal duct/pipe and run the new style from outside to kitchen (there is a room between it, and the piping runs above the ceiling, so the ceiling will need to be cut open to access. It would also be nice (but not necessary) if you can quote us for what stripping the popcorn off the ceiling we're cutting and patching would entail, as well as painting such (we have the paint already).
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We have the hood vent. You will need: 6 inch ducting patching for ceiling / wall blocking / reinforcements for mounting such
Hood vent is standard width. Wall to be installed in has one stud but will need reinforcement in-wall. Living room (where ceiling will be opened) is approimately 15 feet in length. The duct opens on the side of the house.
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