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Lawn Grass Type Backyard
Bid Closing Date
Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: May 13 2018 | By: Kami N.
Project Schedule: Immediate | Bids: 2 Submit Bid
Project Description
for the backyard of my townhouse in Kanata, I want a grass type lawn. I like someone come and see and let me know how much it cost me to have a consistent grass. I also like to know how long it takes to have decent and consistent grass type lawn in my backyard
Flowers Hedging & Plants/Landscaping/Lawncare
Contractor 0aa13b4a5e5e7f3a15076f8f40d58245edc85276c85ccf21f07b4384d2ecd0d5 Job Size:
Job type 821cf65049ec126560b0c582756b7c627c4cedab44eb1a1f0d79bb832ed88966 Job Option
Well Done - It doesn't have to be gold-plated, but I am making sure it's done well!
Square Footage:
around 300 square feet
Materials d6f16adb5c0f41bc58118f033dbf2a119329075fe13b72f6cbd6d1ed733ae670 Materials:
consistent grass lawn
it is my backyard of my townhouse
Additional Notes:
Not Provided
Awarded to:
This project has not been awarded yet