New Garage And Entryway New Desiner Drawings To Be Updated In April
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Existing lot with house layout
Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Feb 05 2018 | By: Brook M.
Project Schedule: Apr 18 2018 | Bids: 6 Submit Bid
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building a new garage 22x20 feet in front of existing single garage. I need foundation work and concrete floor for it, framing for the walls and roof, and siding and roofing to keep out the elements. Looking at cedar siding for the whole thing, plus whoever does the siding will also be contracted to redo the front of the house after removing the old wood. The drawings I am including are from a reno that was done in 1988 so ignore any markings other than the garage in front.
Foundations/Eavestroughing & Gutters/Asphalt Paving & Interlock/House Framing/Design Build/Masonry/General Contractor Services/Siding
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Well Done - It doesn't have to be gold-plated, but I am making sure it's done well!
Square Footage:
garage space 440 square feet. entry space will be about another 100 square feet.
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I can purchase materials for the job.
The garage will be 22 x 20 feet with the new entryway measuring roughly 8x 12. The tall wall of the garage will be 16' high with the shorter wall coming in at 10'. I want a cathedral ceiling in the garage with a single window facing the street so the construction framing will need to take that into account. I also want the ceiling built with the idea in mind that it will be insulated in the future.
Additional Notes:
i have included drawings of the house and lot as they stand now as well as drawings of what we have in mind to build.
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