Removal Of Old Furnace & Installation Of New Furnace
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Mar 04 2016 | By: Shile F.
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Hi there, I've recently been approved of funding of up to $16000 for some much needed home renovations through the CMHC's pet project RRAP (Residential Rejuvination Assistance Program). One of the projects that has been approved of has been the replacement of my old furnace to a new mid-efficiency furnace, subject to 1 condition: I need someone to come in & red-tag my furnace & supply me with a report as to why it shouldn't be used anymore (it's WELL over 20 years old) and then the program will fund the cost of removing the old one & replacing it with a new one. How this will work: I need a minimum of 2 quotes from fully licensed contractors (both with a valid GST# that needs to be included in the quote) for the removal & installation of the furnace. If you want the job, you've got to red-tag the furnace. I then submit the quotes to my RRAP agent who will then go over them & choose a contractor (usually the "most work for the least amount"). He will tell me to contact the one he's chosen to go ahead with the work. He will then contact CMHC to issue a cheque in the amount indicated on your quote. You do the work, I hand over the cheque. If anyone is interested in this job, please submit a bid, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks very much:)
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