Residential Electrical Upgrade
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Electrical work
Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Jul 21 2016 | By: John K.
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I am looking to replace my service panel as it is currently wired haphazardly (plus open ground issue). Furthermore, I am looking to install ceiling light fixtures in three bedrooms without lighting to the ceiling. I world like a GFI outlet in a bathroom with no outlets. Replacement of a 30+ year old outside outlet with GFI and a slight rewiring of kitchen wiring (moving switch, allow possibility of ceiling fan). I have been quoted almost $5k in the past, I am looking to have this job for less than that. Thanks
Electrical Work
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Discount - I want the cheapest price! This is just a functional job
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Whole house
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I can install ceiling fans myself but I need the boxes put in the ceiling by an electrician.
Whole house
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Whole house
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