Taping, Mud For 2000 Square Feet Of Installed Drywall. Wall And Ceiling 8' Slopes Up To 10'. All 4' X 10' Sheets Installed By Commercial Drywaller
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Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Mar 12 2018 | By: Chris U.
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This is our cottage on County Rd 2 between Johnstown and Cardinal. We drywalled the ceiling and walls and it's about 2000 square feet of drywall. We need it taped and mudded. also we'd be looking to have a paint quote as well - this would need to separated out.
Drywall Gypsum
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Well Done - It doesn't have to be gold-plated, but I am making sure it's done well!
Square Footage:
2000 sqft of drywall.
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this can go either way - I can supply the mud and corner beads and tape - or not. Just indicate if its part of your quote or not so I can compare apples to apples with any other bids that may come through.
Total ceiling ~1200 sqft Total Walls ~ 450 sqft Total Bathroom ~350 sqft
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