Wall & Ceiling Repairs
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Bathroom 1
Location Ottawa, ON
Posted on: Mar 04 2016 | By: Shile F.
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<ol> <li>Project Summary<br> One wall of our family room and the ceiling of our entrance were damaged due to a leaking roof. The roof has since been redone and the area is now dry. Preliminary investigation indicates a rotten sill over almost 8 feet, 5 damaged studs and damaged insulation in the family room and collapsed cement board and insulation in the entrance. Professional investigation and testing has been done and the cement board does not contain asbestos. </li> <li>Scope of Work <ol type="i"> <li> Family Room <ul> <li> Repair 8’ long wall area;</li> <li> Replace rotten sill, damaged studs, vapour barrier and insulation; </li> <li> Install, tape, mud and sand drywall to ready-to-paint condition; </li> <li> Provide temporary support if required; </li> <li> Replace damaged sub-floor in the same area; </li> <li> Provide barrier for dust protection of adjacent area. </li> </ul> </li> <li> Entrance <ul> <li>Repair 47” x 64” entrance area; </li> <li> Remove existing cement board in ceiling and wall if necessary; </li> <li>Install, tape, mud and sand drywall to ready-to-paint condition; </li> <li>Reinsulate the ceiling. </li> </ul> </li> </ol> </li> <li> Out of Scope <ul> <li> Owner will remove and disconnect and existing electrical fixtures and/or outlets in the way of the renovations; </li> <li> Owner will remove wood floor planks in work area; </li> <li> Owner will paint after the work related to this bid is done; </li> <li> Finished flooring is not included in this project. </li> </ul> </li> <li> Site Visit Up to six (6) interested bidders will be invited for a mandatory site visit no less than two days before bid closing. </li> <li> Bid Closing Bid shall be submitted by 4 p.m. local time on 27th November 2009. Only bids submitted on time from the bidders who attended a mandatory site visit will be accepted. </li> <li> Contract Documents<br> A copy of the contract documents and bid form will be given to Bidders at the mandatory site visit. </li> </ol>
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